The Italian house Fur Mele was founded by
Enrico Mele in 1880 in Naples, where it still
headquarters. Historically, it is counted among the most
oldest and most prestigious of the sector in Italy and is
always characterized by a distinctive and original
stylistic production entirely by
its skilled craftsmen.


Only Italian company in the sector
of the time she was invited to attend
the 1907 International Exposition in Paris


For its high business quality,
founder was awarded the honor of
Grand Knight of the Crown of Italy in 1917.


Mele is a brand universally esteemed
all over Italy. Asserted itself over time to fashion
Week in Milan as a reference point for the
fur in Italy, Mele has consequently
gained wide admiration in all peninsula.


Today there is still Henry, along with brother
David and Diego, came to the helm
successfully to the 5th generation. furs
Apples are also distributed and sold in
the most exclusive and prestigious shops
Europe and the world.